Kindness is our thread

We founded Common Assembly because we wanted to provide women with an alternative to fast fashion they could feel good about. A place where they could get the latest trends,  and be reminded to be kind to themselves, too. 

We’re committed to kindness for the common good. 

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Social Responsibility is at our core

      We selectively collaborate with vendors who share our common Standard of Transparency. We require our suppliers to sign our Social Responsibility Contract. It means they have committed to: 

 - Pay fair wages & benefits to their employees       

 - Provide healthy & safe working conditions

 - Follow local environmental regulations relating to waste, pollutants and toxins

…Because the people behind the clothes are just as important to us as the women who wear them

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Sustainability is the goal

We’ve added a planet icon on our product pages for anything that is environmentally-friendly. Sustainability is our work in progress, and we are constantly sourcing new suppliers and materials to be able to offer you more eco friendly assortments. Eco-friendly initiatives don’t stop at product, all of our packaging is eco-friendly too.

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Paying it forward

Every quarter we feature a new designer that inspires us. We donate a portion of our profits to the “Common Collab” Fund, which helps our featured artisan build their business. You can also shop their collections on our Shop Collab page.  Find out who we are working with

If you are a designer striving to make a difference and are interested in being part of the Common Collab, email us at We want to hear from you!

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We’re making real, #realcommon

Being kinder to yourself starts with being real. It’s about the story you tell yourself every day and the images of beauty you surround yourself with. We like you for you. All of our photos are untouched and we plan to keep it that way. 



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